What is the X-Match 4A00 aerosol?

A solvent based modified acrylic aerosol system design to offer exact match touch-up for stock Cardinal, and other internationally recognized colors. The system was designed to offer customers a quick turn around on small volume custom aerosol orders. 


  • High gloss
  • Texture Finishes for touching up texture powder coating
  • HAPS free
  • 5000 hours QUV A 50% gloss retention on a gloss white
  • High performance pigmentation
  • Ease of application
  • Semi gloss spray stability
  • REACH Compliant
  • Improved exterior performance with UV additive package for superdurable powder coating.
  • Ability to offer quick turn around small volume custom aerosols.


  • Powder & liquid coating touch up
  • Designers 
  • Artists
  • Consumer DIY
  • Maintenance Coatings (i.e. Schools, apartments.)

For Technical and Safety Information check our links below:

Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)